• Portfolio


    Prepare & Build Portfolio

    Analyst works with applicant to  prepare, and Authenticate information as applicant is building Portfolio

  • Evaluation


    Feasibility Study & Gab Analysis

    Run multiple in-depth evaluations analysis to determine past performance analysis 

  • Forecast


    Predictive foresight

    Committee evaluate performance and generate a report that evaluate company/individual performance, a report for Recommendations, and a Predictive Foresight report

top 2014 news

QualityMonitor.org joined the Nazeq family

We are excited to announce the new addition, now NAZEQ can better monitor providers’ performance using start-of-art tools and technique. 

Most read faq

  • 26 Oct

    We created an approach recently for cases like yours, by starting with Reference checks and evaluations, and continue with rest of process once certified. 

  • 14 Nov

    Expedited Evaluation can take 3 days to complete phase one and certify you with NZQ.

    Note: You MUST free yourself 3+ hours daily if you want to expedit. 

  • 01 Dec

    We are still looking into these requests. As of now, we were NOT able to produce a process that will take less than 6 months from the time we certify you to complete the ranking.